Anything is possible with highly skilled technicians and state of the art equipment.

AMCS can recover all of your lost data from faulty or failing drives such as your precious photos, accidentally deleted documents, important accounting files, missing emails, forgotten passwords or your favourite music.

Inside our professional data recovery lab located in Winston Hills we are able to conduct hard drive repairs in a dust free enviro
nment using professional data recovery tools and equipment from around the world.

If you suspect that your hard drive is failing, stop using it straight away as every minute that the sick drive is in use there is less chance of a successful recovery even with our specialised tools and techniques. We can recover from any file system such as: NTFS, FAT16/32/64, HFS, Ext2/3/4, UFS and XFS.

Bring your PC, Mac, laptop, RAID array, NAS drive, Mobile phone, flash or external drive, or SSD to our workshop for a free evaluation or contact us for postage information. Once your drive has been assessed we will contact you with a fixed price quote.

  • No data no charge.
  • Recovery costs can vary depending on the issue.
  • For an urgent recovery, call or text Keith on 0413 459 544
  • We will beat any written data recovery quote by 25%!!

Anything you need fixed, upgraded, repaired or replaced.

  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • PC Networking
  • Advanced Data Recovery & Migration
  • Remote Access Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mac OS X Repairs
  • Advanced PC Maintenence & Software Repair
  • Advanced Notebook Hardware Repairs
  • PC Upgrades
  • Email Setup
  • Reconditioned Systems

Computer running slow? Internet not working? Pop-ups?

Your computer may be infected by one of the millions of viruses on the web today. Technicians at AMCS can fix that in no time and have your computer in good health again. Just a few of the virus we can eradicate from your system are:

  • File infectors
  • Boot sector viruses
  • Overwrite viruses
  • Resident viruses
  • Directory viruses
  • Encryption viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojans

Call or text Keith on:

(02) 9639 2257 or
0413 459 544

Visit us at:

22 Orchard Ave Winston Hills
2153 NSW, Australia

9am to 6pm Mon-Fri

After hours service available by appointment.


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